Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Random Adventures of Yellow Man!


So we've continued documenting the life of Yellow Man and what it's like to be yellow....or just him. Yellow Man recently went to the mall, (he hates the m
all) but needed to buy a new blue dot for his shirt...and he almost got run over and stepped on by someone! Now he hates the mall even more.He decided "fuck it", and got in his car and went to hang out with his friends. He arrived and they all just hung out around the block. Shown below from left to right is: Vaseman with the Mask face, YM (short for Yellow Man himself), Kitty Kat, Reddy Round-Up (she's the nicest person) and Pepe Pinguo (he has the purple mask). Oh and the 2nd photo is Machete, (he's the crazy friend).Well, hanging out with his friends was relaxing, but then, best of all, his friend Greenie showed up. They've always had a thing. (She's really hot). And they decided to leave and get away from everyone and go out into the forest. (No you perverts, it's not like that!) They just climbed trees together and laid out on the grass holding hands, (yes they have hands).
Then the coolest thing happened...he unexpectedly ran into his friend, Buddha, out in the forest! Buddha got to meet Greenie and they all ended up meditating together. Buddha also asked YM about his encounter with Jesus last week. It was pretty cool.
Well, now he's off to go make "tres leche". We'll keep you posted with his trips to space, East Hialeah and the beach. Goodbye for now.

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